ME and my resources

What is the aim?

This intervention set will help you to re-orientate and to get an overview on the problems, involved actors and the resources available by using the approach of visualization. It shall help you to get a better understanding of and analyze the overall setting – reasons for problems/troubles on systemic level. Checking the environment might help to detect underlying problems but also resources for solution.


After using the tools, you shall have:

clearness about all involved parties

a vision on possible resources

an overview of possible tracks to follow, and which might be the best to choose

a clear plan for the next steps to take

awareness of possible risks and prevention strategies

Who is this tool for?

This tool is addressed to users who have experienced situations of domestic or gender-based violence, and who want to find ways to get out of such toxic situations[1]. It is particularly useful to users who want to analyze their situation on their own in order to reflect on and understand their emotions and thoughts, and to set preventative steps to avoid repetition of exposure to violence.


[1] A toxic relationship is one that makes you feel unsupported, misunderstood, demeaned, or attacked. On a basic level, any relationship that makes you feel worse rather than better can become toxic over time.

The tools may help you at different stages and situations as:

When you need to identify psychological abuse or unhealthy dynamics

When you want to understand your own emotions and desires

When setting new goals to get out of the violent environment and ensuring future income and risk reduction

How to use this tool?

If you use the tool alone, it is absolutely important that you are in an emotional and social safe/stable situation and in case you feel the need of any additional support do not hesitate to consult professional help. Reflecting own experiences is a resource-strengthening method, but it is also a highly personal process, which should not be undergone in an unstable or unpleasant situation without help.


[link to useful number and resources on where to get help in each partner country]

The use of this tool requires a protected framework.

The tool does not replace professional support and is not meant to be used in situations of crisis or emergency. The use of this tool might be a first step for awareness, even for preparing later interventions.

Whenever you feel the need for additional support, it is important to seek professional help.  

Why do we work with symbols?

All these tools are based on the approach of Symbolwork. Symbols serve as additional means of communication and visualization, which help to get clear on things which due to emotions or other influences are not that clear to the user before. In this sense symbols can help to clarify personal desires and needs.