Asociacion Caminos


The activities of the non-profit association Caminos founded in 2014 are dedicated to the field of education. Main objectives include fostering exchange and communication, improving individual opportunities for development and supporting the social inclusion of targets at risk. “Caminos” should indicate the importance of finding new paths to reach our goals, to discover individual resources and opportunities to overcome the actual challenges together.




K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA” (Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups”) is a Nonprofit Organisation, that has been active since 2001 to promote mental health and protect the rights of vulnerable groups. EDRA provides mental health services and raises public awareness in matters concerning mental health, supports the child and the family cope with learning difficulties, intervenes therapeutically in the field of special education and Intellectual disability, develops national and European initiatives for socially vulnerable groups, provides lifelong training programs for all population groups. EDRA has an extensive experience in managing and coordinating projects at national and EU level, focusing on the support of various disadvantaged groups.




CESIE is a European Centre for Studies and Initiatives based in Palermo, Sicily.
It is a non-profit, apolitical, and non-governmental organisation. It was established in 2001, inspired by the work and theories of the pacifist Danilo Dolci (1924-1997). CESIE links local, national and international contexts and is committed to stimulating development and change in educational, cultural, and economic spheres through the creation and use of innovative tools and methods.
The mission of CESIE Rights and Justice Unit is focused on:

  • Promoting equality, diversity and non-discrimination, gender equality and rights awareness.
  • Supporting victims of violence with a focus on gender-based violence, child abuse and online/offline violence, polarization and radicalization.
  • Preventing violence with a focus on gender-based violence, child abuse and online/offline violence, polarization and radicalization.




Asociatia Habilitas – CRFP is a non-governmental organization established in 2007 in Bucharest, Romania, which has as mission the projects and programs development in the field of education and training of adults and youth, working with disadvantaged populations and improving public policy in the social area. Asociatia Habilitas – CRFP collaborates with other NGOs at national and European level, with associations advocating for human rights, with central and local public authorities and aims to become a real factor of change and innovation in the social area and improving the quality of life in Romanian population. Habilitas has already developed several public policies for the social field, one of it, regarding the seniors’ volunteering, being implemented by the Bucharest City Hall as public strategy. Currently, Habilitas is implementing several European projects related to training and education of vulnerable groups (such as youth, disadvantaged single parents, older people, persons with dementia, women experiencing domestic violence etc.).


Elan Interculturel


Élan Interculturel is a non-profit organization based in France which, since its creation in 2008 on the initiative of five immigrant women specialised in psychology, encourages interpersonal exchanges and intercultural dialogue to facilitate communication between people. Through non-formal education, artistic mediation and popular education, Elan seeks to make diversity a wealth and not a threat, participating in the development of a more inclusive society.




The Society for Social Research and Education (GeSoB) was founded to respond to economic crisis and social upheaval. Solutions and concepts chosen so far have proven inadequate, in which new theoretical and practical questions have arisen that call for innovative social answers to the pressing socio-political, cultural and economic questions facing actors in the fields of society, politics, economics and education.
In this context, GeSoB makes its contribution with social innovations based on interdisciplinary research that combines theory with practice, basic research with applied research that analyzes and overcomes the contradictions fed by social, regional, national and transnational interdependencies.