MARIPOSA Lands in: the piloting phase of the online tools has started

The MARIPOSA project consortium is scaling up its efforts toward the support and empowerment of women affected by gender-based violence through the development of various online tools, some of which are already accessible in the Online tools section of this website.

In March 2023, we have launched the piloting phase of the two tools ME and My Resources and EmpowerME, which will involve women affected by gender-based violence in each partner country and will aim at supporting them in processing their feelings and emotions, reflecting on their resources, defining future objectives and developing concrete action plans. Women themselves will test the tools and provide their feedback and suggestions on how to enhance the experience.

More details on the piloting and results coming soon!

On March 22th and 23rd, during the third Transnational Project Meeting in Bucharest, we had the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings on project progress and next steps. In addition, we have brainstormed on and discussed the content of the Guide for Networking and Campaigning, an upcoming guide for anyone who wants to network and campaign against gender-based violence, and we have finalized the Guide for Victim Empowerment by Peer to Peer Support, which will be available online on the project website in May 2023.